Positive thinking and the power of the mind are well known among the yoga practitioners.

Nowadays, it is necessary to “re-educate“ the mind to think positively. This is easiest solution in order to eliminate the causes of different problems that we are confronted with.

Positive thinking is a “golden rule” that should be used and never neglected.

Positive thinking is considered in yoga a success’ sine qua non condition, whether it is about success in yoga practice or in any other benefic action we want to. The reason why yoga puts such a high price on positive thinking is the knowledge of the occult law of resonance. According to it, our thoughts put us in resonance (energy subtle connection) with different force secret spheres of the Universe and facilitate, thus, a transfer of energy from them to us.

By these mechanisms, which are perfectly real and infallible even if they are secret, man gradually becomes what he thinks he is, as the yoga wise aphorisms say. We create our success or failure in any direction we go with the help of our thoughts. We are the ones creating our happiness or misery; we are the ones responsible for our inner developing and our external behaviour.

The thoughts of success and score put us in resonance with the energy of success while chaotic, predominantly negative thoughts put us in resonance with energies of failure, mistake, and disappointment. If you carefully analyze the lucky or the successful ones, you will notice they are full of optimism and self confidence.

Positive thinking in hatha-yoga practice

In order to easily progress in yoga practice, you must learn to think positive and to be optimistic. Never tell yourself: this yoga exercise is much too difficult for me. On the contrary, think yoga is a scientific discipline, that is, anyone who does it right reaches the mentioned results. By practice, patiently, you will be able to realize even the most spectacular asanas, the most difficult Pranayama techniques.

Here is a very efficient practical modality: while you do a certain yoga posture that you cannot do very well for now (due to stiffness, lack of equilibrium), visualize yourselves or mentalize yourselves perfectly doing that asana. The subtle effects of the asana will be much increased and your progress will soon be visible!

Positive thinking in concentration and meditation exercises

The same thing applies to any yoga exercises. If you are someone who does not focus very well, your mind being dispersed, if you cannot feel very well or at all the energy wheels or if you are not very good at the meditation techniques, perseveringly apply the principle of positive thinking! It is a way of proclaiming your confidence in yoga practice efficiency and in yourselves.

Always approach the meditation and concentration techniques with optimism and Joy, feeling the freshness they produce when the mind is calm. Every time joyfully think with anticipation that meditation is an exercise that you like very much and that you can do better and better. All great yogis’ successes can be repeated and actualized in your being!

For those who cannot directly feel the energy wheels or some of them, we have several supplementary positive ideas: all yoga trainees gradually come to feeling their energy wheels sooner or later. It is a thing certified by direct practical experience with yoga trainees. The wheels of energy can be felt in different ways: vibrations, pressure sensations, warming but other specific feelings also.

For instance, love is an obvious expression of Anahata chackra’s dynamism. All persons who are in love feel “something” in their heart – in anahata Chakra actually! Think positive as you will succeed waking up and feeling your wheels of energy sooner! And do not neglect the importance of finding information on this topic; you must study very well the theory on the energy wheels.

Supernatural accomplishments? Why not?

It is true, advanced yogis do not have the fascination of supernatural powers at all. But since some of them are very useful (empathy, telepathy, previous lives recognition), it is good to know that positive thinking can act here as a powerful engine propelling us towards success. So, think positive in everything good you want to do and study the example of those who already achieved that.

And in the end, a fundamental aspect: the goal of yoga practice is reaching the state of oneness with God, the ecstatic fusion with God Father, reaching the supreme spiritual absolution. Yoga definitely tells us it is perfect possible to reach this fundamental goal of life and yoga practice in this very life, on Earth, no matter the karmic conjunctures we were born with and we live in now. Do not think for just a minute that this is not possible! This is the power of the authentic spiritual paths. This is why you must think positive: you can reach the ultimate spiritual absolution in this very life if you want to and if you practice yoga with perseverance and devotion!