will open the Integral Yoga Course with a FREE introductory session on the 1st of October

The course will be held:

In English every Tuesday, from 19.30h – 21.00h

Address: Avenue Louise 230, Ixelles, Brussels

 In French every Wednesday from 19.30h-21.30h

Address: Rue François Gay 326, Woluwe St-Pierre, Brussels

Public: above 18 years.

Price: 40€ /month 

SPECIAL OFFER our students can join all classes for beginners on Tuesdays or/ and Wednesdays. 

Printed courses are included.

Sign up for our courses by contacting us at: 

FB @anandayogabrussels

Tel +32488148106 

Please bring a yogamat and wear comfortable/sport clothes. 

The benefits of yoga for flexibility, fitness and well-being are well-known, but yoga is much more than this! 

The efficiency of our course is due to the intelligent adaptation of the ancient yogic techniques to the modern life.

Our yoga course is designed as a path of self-discovery and spiritual transformation.