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Yoga Intensive Course

Ananda Esoteric Yoga Center aims to teach Yoga in its traditional form. Besides the physical exercises, our course teaches the essential and fundamental principles of Yoga.

In this way the practitioners truly understand how and why Yoga works: proving to be a valuable tool for balancing all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Yoga intensive course offered by Ananda Esoteric Yoga school is an in-depth course providing the students with many powerful tools for self improvement. Being initiated into efficient yogic techniques, the practitioner can quickly achieve harmony and growth in any aspect of life that he/she chooses.

The effects that one may expect from this course are:

achieving and keeping the physical health

elimination of stress

calming of the mind

awakening dynamism, vitality and happiness

increasing creativity, will-power and self confidence

opening up to love

increasing the intuition, memory and mental focus...and much more.

Eventually, the ultimate goal of the course is to deepen the self-knowledge, allowing the person to live his/her life fully and to become aware of the mysterious spiritual reality that exists within each of us – as our true divine identity.

What is special about the Yoga intensive course?

The efficiency of the course is due to the intelligent adaptation of the ancient yogic techniques to the modern life, while still maintaining the esoteric elements which are today almost forgotten. These elements include the system of the chakras, the laws of the mind, the knowledge of universal principles and more – making the yoga practice much more effective. The teachings, being a synthesis of various spiritual traditions including the Indian and Tibetan yoga, Chinese teachings, esoteric Christianity and more, combined with modern scientific research, are explained in a logic and practical manner. Each student can practice the techniques and verify for him/her self what is taught in the class.

The course takes place once a week, 2 hours each time. 30 minutes are dedicated to learning a new technique and more theory. 90 minutes are dedicated to practicing together the techniques taught so far. Each week is also given written theory with details about the technique taught and supplementary information.

The course advances gradually, being structured on years of study. We begin with the bodily positions, then include breathing techniques, then techniques of meditation. Techniques of purification, mental exercises and dietary information are also given. Later on there are given initiations into more advanced forms of yoga such as Mahavidyoga, Svarayoga, some branches from the Tibetan yoga and more. 

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