Camelia Marin and Rainer Trubel, experienced Yoga and Tantra teachers of ATMAN – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation


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We invite you to spend quality time, practicing body postures (asanas), and benefiting from valuable information for reuniting with the universal sources of happiness.

08.30 – 10.00 Practical session with body postures and meditation

Specially designed yoga session to tune into and boost our happiness, fulfilment and optimism.

10.00 – 11.00 Theoretical explanations and guidelines – 7 Methods of Fulfilment and Happiness

The theory part takes place in the same zoom room, so you can just stay after the practice – or join then.

We have all wondered “what is happiness?” and “how can we find it and live it plenary?”

Yet almost all of us dedicate approximately 90% of our time to activities that only fulfil 10% of our profound essential needs.

Happiness, or otherwise said, the state of intense and plenary contentment of the heart is actually available in every moment to each human being who knows how to enjoy and savour it. By nurturing true sources of happiness, we open up to live in fulfilment and to benefit from our daily experiences.

The apparently endless problems of an ordinary day often make us forget about happiness, about searching for it and about its infinite sources which are always available to us.

We often lose ourselves in:

  • trying to solve many things simultaneously in multiple directions
  • hasty communication with the ones close to us, lacking profoundness and warmth, even if we tell them we love them immensely
  • replacing the magnificent game of erotic attraction and polarity with superficial habits and subconscious reactions.

Join us to discover 7 methods for reuniting with the universal sources of happiness during the practice and theory session, as well as afterwards, when you apply the simple methods that we offer you in your daily life.

We are looking forward to be together in the search of happiness and self-discovery!


The Webinar is addressed to an audience aged 18+